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Tensegrity Tube Towers, Boston, MA.

gNa+Design is a comprehensive, research-based design practice embracing public art, residential, commercial and retail construction. Focused on the role of design and construction in enhancing meaning in our lives, we believe that sensitivity and innovation are our most important assets. Fully engaged with issues of contemporary life, we listen carefully to our clients, and bring value to their projects through an inquisitive and synthetic approach to program, site and construction that re-imagines possibilities in service to client needs and aspirations.

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19 Sep 10

Diurnal Piers


gNa+ proposes access to the water sheet and a new form of conveyance across Fort Point Channel to the south of Summer Street as a variation of the Channel's celebrated mechanical bridges. 


webassets/Diurnal_Research_Plus.jpgDiagram showing the changing Boston shoreline and movable Channel bridges. Illustrations of Piers deploying.

Our proposal acknowledges the incredible importance of Boston's seafaring past by alluding to both the piers that bristled from the city's shores, and to the unique bridges that opened and closed as cargo vessels shipped with the tides. The Fort Point Channel bridges are a national engineering treasure, represent an incredibly diverse and imaginative negotiation of conveyances on land and water, the mechanisms of turning gears, wheels, and counterweights echoing the Newtonian clockwork of the solar system, the diurnal rotations of the earth and moon that gives us the cycles of the tides, syncopated with day and night, work and play. The piers extend out into the water as a celebration of voyage and crossing, the reach of imagination, a freight of ideas, and the possibility of reconciling technological aspirations with an experience of the natural environment. 


webassets/Diurnal_Pier_Prototype.jpgDeployment of 1"=1'-0" prototype in the Charles River.

Special thanks to Elsiana Zhaka, Beth Baniszewski, Michael Kyes, David Porter, David Rubino, and James Vayo. 

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